Ferienhof Erdrich - Ihr Bauernhof im Schwarzwald


Erdrichhof Bergach - Court Guide


Hello dear friends, big and small,

I am now your Farm Tour Guide, on the "Our Pets/animals" page I would like to introduce you all to my animal friends as well as the impression around the

So here would be.....

                  My Hens, who provide fresh Bio-eggs daily.

One of our chickens chilling out.....


....my girls and I!!!


Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Animals - chicken Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Animals - cock


Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Pigs   
.....Our pigs, are they not sweet?
Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Goats 
....Goats with their young, which are always on the go.....
....Yeah, and a pair of bunnies are also here, and they would love to be petted and to cuddle .....
....and here would be my kitty friends....

Cat "Oskar"
Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Cat Molly
Cat "Molly"
Erdrichhof Bergach - Our Cat Lilly
....look how “Lilly” peers so

 Erdrichhof Bergach - Childrens with our cat lilly
....she is very cuddly..... 

a hen is running away again,

oh well...

Erdrichhof Bergach - Hoppla, again a run away chicken
Erdrichhof Bergach - Court Guide But this is still not everything...!!!!!

On the side our horses I still want to show You the horses of the Erdrichhof and everything to the horse riding by us.

Don’t leave me just yet.