Ferienhof Erdrich - Ihr Bauernhof im Schwarzwald


Erdrichhof Bergach - Court Guide

Hi and hello, here I am yet again

The absolute highlight are the horses on the Erdrich’s and of course everything that is necessary for riding them too.

I will show you all a little....



Pony "Chipsy" with her boyfriend,

  ....Pony "Merlin"and

                 Erdrichhof Bergach - Chipsy likes it if it is cleaned 
Chipsy particularly would like it when she would be cleaned and brushed

...There’s also the really good feeling on the wide meadows on the farm. This is no wonder because the Kinzigtal is laying at your feet...ahem... excuse me, at your hoof.

Erdrichhof Bergach - Court Guide

On the following side you see my horse friends in action. On our own belt, in the riding hall .

Here also begins the fun for you, dear Guests.

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