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About Gengenbach

Erdrichhof Bergach - The city hall of Gengenbach
11,000 Inhabitants, counting Gengenbach’s districts  Bermersbach, Reichenbach and Schwaibach.

Gengenbach is 175m above sea level.The highest elevation in the surrounding area, “der Mooskopf” is 875m above sea level. The former  Imperial city is coined with its historic center and historic city walls, also including the towers and gates and magnificient historic houses. It invites you to stay and enjoy its romantic paths and corners.

Gengenbach is well-known for its particular mild climate. 180km hiking trails through the forests and vineyards, Hotels, Vacation suites, private rooms, vacations on farms, these are just some examples which guarantee a relaxing vacation.

Erdrichhof Gengenbach - Gengenbach - The "Engelgässle"

Erdrichhof Gengenbach - Gengenbach - The "Engelgässle"
View into "Engelgässle"

Erdrichhof Bergach - The waterwheel at the the cloister mill
The waterwheel at the the Klostermühle (cloister mill)

Erdrichhof Bergach  - The Schwed - knight's figure on the market well

Erdrichhof Bergach - Gengenbach

Erdrichhof Bergach - View to the Obertorturm

Erdrichhof Bergach - Gengenbach - The Niggelturm
The Niggelturm (Museum inside)

Erdrichhof Bergach - The Obertorturm
The Obertorturm

Erdrichhof Bergach - The Kinzigtorturm
The Kinzigtorturm ( Museum inside)

Erdrichhof Bergach - Schwedenturm
The Schwedenturm

What Gengenbach has to offer: 

  • 180km hiking trails through forests and vineyards
  • Hotels, Vacation suites, private rooms, vacations on farms
  • Water park with heated pool, up to 32°C warm water
  • Sauna, Tennis, Mini-golf
  • Carnivel museum (Narren Museum)  in the Niggel tower (Niggelturm), Raftsman Museum (Flößermuseum),Kinzig River gate and tower (Kinzigtorturm) and a historic museum (wehrverteidigungsgeschichtliches Museum)
  • Park grounds, bike rental, fishing, horseback riding, bowling etc
  • Enjoy the  special  „badische“ hospitality in the Restaurants, Cafes or in the Wine taverns.  
Erdrichhof Bergach - The park with look at the town church of Gengenbach

Erdrichhof Bergach - Picturesque half-timbered houses and gates stamp the townscape of Gengenbach

In the century’s charm
Gengenbach – „Pearl under the city’s historic romantic framework“  once pronounced on the television; our visitors adore everything from the romantic treasures to „Badisch ‚Nizza“. The towers and gates from wide invite you into the historic old city and small alleyways seduce you in the picturesque nooks and corners. The stone knight statue („steinerne Ritter“) welcomes us on the market square fountain. He shows with pride and self-confidence the former free imperial city, as well as the impressive, over 200 year old, courthouse. That with its romantic contstruction defines the cityscape.

  Erdrichhof Bergach - The shoot Mountains of Gengenbach 

Gengenbach lies in the middle of the black forest foothills. Because of the location and mild climate, this region is for many centuries a preferred fruit and wine-growing district.  The vineyards and fruit plantations provide the landscape with almost a mediterranean character. The biggest portion of the whole area is certainly the forest. Prodominantly the mixed forest can be found here and in the higher areas also  the coniferous forest. The Kinzig River weaves through the middle of the city.  The Kinzig grows from the numerous brooks which flow through the entire area. Last but not least the names of the villages belonging to Gengenbach (Reichenbach, Schwaibach, and Bermersbach) account for the existence of numerous waterways.

To feel the cool air in the forests on a hot summer day, to see the colorful leaves blowing in the wind in autumn, and the first frost on the Kinzig river and dancing snowflakes. Come experience our diverse seasons.

The Nightwatchers for Gengenbach
The Gengenbach Advent Calendar
The Water Park of Gengenbach - "Die Insel"
 ("The Island")
The Livable Past of Gengenbach


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